Bling donation
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What do I do with all my bling?

I don’t know about you but I used to buy jewelry and shoes and clothes like I was in the fashion industry. Thousands upon thousands of dollars of famous label clothing, I had jewelry designed for me by a local jeweler, and I loved having a pair of shoes to go with each outfit, and then some! Fast forward 30 years and my how things have changed! Due to an injury, I no longer wear shoes with any heel and the jewelry I had designed and made for me no longer fits my fingers. Yes, I could get them resized but my tastes (and my skin tone in relation to wearing silver or gold jewelry) have changed a lot in the last 30 years. Thanks mid-life!

I figured out how to eliminate the famous label clothing (it didn’t fit either) and had a “sisterhood of the traveling pants” group where we exchanged clothes. For the remaining clothes, I donated them to Suited For Change, which is a great organization! Shoes were also handled in the same manner. But what about the bling?

Why not sell the real pieces of gold and silver for their value by weight? Good idea! So I gathered up all the pieces I had to sell, went to my appointment with the jewelry rep and they told me which pieces were real or not. Then they divided them by category (14K, 18K, sterling) and I walked out with jewelry I didn’t wear anymore and almost $400 in my pocket! Sweet! I was so incentivized that I came back home and started going through even more jewelry, opening boxes and discovering sterling silver flatware STILL IN THE PLASTIC SLEEVES from almost 30 years ago – clearly that was not a high use priority – so I made another appointment and walked out with almost another $400! That was $800 I had lying around my house serving no purpose but to take up space. I still had costume jewelry (new in boxes) from a foray into selling costume jewelry a few years back, and because it was such nice costume jewelry, I didn’t want to throw it away! What I was unable to sell via Facebook, I donated as well to Suited For Change and received a tax donation receipt for it! Excellent!

What do you have lying around your house that you haven’t worn in decades? Or maybe you don’t look good in silver or gold anymore? Why not sell it for the price of the metal, especially when its value is so high. Take the money you make and get yourself something you need or want. Have costume jewelry, accessories, purses and such that you no longer want? Why not donate those (plus any nice work attire clothing) to Suited For Change?