Moving Tips

Help! I’m Moving!

Even though I am not military, I moved 6 times in a period of 17 years. These were full blown moves from single family homes, condos, and townhouses. My first move was the most challenging one – I had NO CLUE HOW TO MOVE OR PACK! Fortunately there wasn’t too much to be moved since the only person who had any furniture was my daughter! A few years later, I had acquired a condo full of furniture (and a spouse) and learned more tips and tricks for an easier move. It wasn’t until my 4th time moving that I had these tips down PAT!

Here are my tips for making a fast and efficient move. Fast means less time for the moving crew (yes, I hire out each time because I want to keep my friends and family happy and keep my back in working order), less questions needed for clarification on where items or boxes go in the new home, and best of all, less time means less cost when hiring movers.

Tip #1: Draw a layout of your new home and assign each room a color based upon the colors you can purchase of post it notes (the regular square size – not the small ones). You will keep this one in a sheet protector and put your name at the top of it – this is your master list.

Tip #2: Assign a color to each major room (example, blue for master bedroom, red for rec room, yellow for kitchen, orange for dining room, purple for living room, pink for one bedroom, etc.)

Tip #3: Using the post it notes and clear packing tape, tape a post it note of the applicable room color to THREE (3) sides of each moving box. NOT ON THE TOP of the box. Remember boxes are STACKED in a moving truck so only the sides are seen. If you tape a post it note on 3 sides, then your likelihood of having the color seen is greater than only two sides. DO NOT RELY on the post it note stickiness itself – it WILL FALL OFF. Use one long piece of packing tape and it will remain on the box forever.

Tip #4: Use the post it notes on the backs of large pieces of furniture as well.

Tip #5: Make two additional copies of the color-coded layout of your new home and put into sheet protectors. Give one copy to the moving company personnel who is in charge of your move on move day. Tape the other copy on the wall or door immediately inside your new home. That way the moving crew just looks at the color on the item or box, can glance at the layout and know which floor and which room to go to.

Tip #6: Put a colored post it note into a sheet protector and stick to the door way of each room in your new home. Again it’s a quick reminder what colored boxes and items go into which room, especially when you have multiple level home and a moving crew of at least 4 people running in and out of your new home.

Tip #7: If you have the opportunity before the actual move in, take a post it note and some scotch tape and tape a post it note onto the wall where furniture placement should be – I usually write down the name of the piece on the note as well. Again, it will make less running around for you on the move day.

Tip #8: This doesn’t involve post it notes, but it does involve furniture placement. Take extension or surge protector cords to your new home and plug into outlets where large furniture will be placed – this way the plug in the wall may be blocked by the furniture but the extension cord or protector will allow you to still have access to it after the piece is in place.

I hope these help and it really does make a difference on move day. Once I implemented these tips myself, I have received many compliments from movers on how easy it was to load and unload. It really will make your moving day flow easier with fewer questions and less time needed for the unloading part of the move. Happy moving!