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An Even Easier Way To Donate Goods

I try to stay “in the know” but clearly I missed out on this little gem of information about an online resource for scheduling donation pickup from a variety of organizations – including the next day! Who knew? Clearly not me 😦  Yeah, just a wee bit embarrassed…Anyway, THANK YOU to my friend and neighbor Nora, who told me about GoodDonor!

GoodDonor coordinates pickups with various charitable organizations and in one easy – and I mean easy – step after you setup your FREE account, you can schedule pickup of items from your home and pick the date – even schedule pickup the next day (which I just did since I had to test it out and hubs just cleared out some clothing Friday night – perfect timing babe!).

Just follow these easy steps to get started:

1. Go to the GoodDonor website and fill out the information to set up an account – remember its FREE

2. After entering your information and hitting the Next button (it also says to schedule a donation), you get the choice of scheduling a pickup BY CHARITY or BY PICKUP DATE — I checked both options out and I’m going to make an assumption here that the charities listed are based upon the zip code you entered – again this is an assumption but I spent many decades in IT development/business requirements so I’m feeling pretty confident in my assumption.

3. After you select either option, you then click on the type of item donated

4. Fill out the remaining fields on the form and submit the request! SO easy. And FAST!

Within nanoseconds I received an email thanking me for joining followed by an email letting me know which charity would be picking up my hubs items the next day.

5. Put your items in boxes or bags and clearly label them based upon the charity you either selected or that was listed in the confirmation email.

6. Place the items outside in the designated area by 7AM on pickup day – you’re done!

7. If you need receipt information, you can also get this information via the website.

Awesomeness and WAY TO GO GOODDONOR!!!

Now go clean out those closets and no excuses for not having time to drive to a donation center or having to wait until a charity is in your neighborhood! Let’s get purging!!