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When is a Rake not a Rake?

When is a rake not a rake? Wait…is this just like “When is a door not a door? When it’s ajar?”…close, definitely close. In focusing on some home projects in the month of October (and neglecting my blogging), I had some basic “prepare for Snowmaggedon” activities to do: one was to have the chimney inspected and cleaned.  Used a local company whose owner I have known since he started his business 30+ years ago.

The chimney inspector/cleaner (are they still called that? what were they called in Mary Poppins? gosh…I will have to look that up — oh! A Chimney SWEEP!) also inspected the SIDES of my roof (I’m in an interior townhouse and NO ONE notices the sides of their roof because they just don’t…especially when they are not visible since it’s on the backside of the house that faces woods and a steep ravine).

Anyhow, Mr. Chimney Sweep comes down and shows me pictures of my roof side” and says, “You need your rakes replaced.” My what??? “Your rakes are in bad shape – you need to contact a roofing company.” Okay. So when did the word “rake” become a part on the side of a roofline? Again, “what??”  Yeah, google that.

Apparently, instead of just calling it “roofline trim” or something that we, the laymen and laywomen of the world, would know what part a roofer is talking about, someone decided the word “rake” was just right. It means “inclination or slope away from the perpendicular or the horizontal” and probably why it became a roofing term?? Who knows…

I’m not falling for it. I will use the term “rake” when needing to conduct legit sounding roofing conversations (“remember the year that the rake rotted and we had to get it replaced before the snow came?” Oh yeah). However a rake will always be to me something that I loathe in the Fall time for the blisters it brings with use…and the many bags of leaves as well…which is why I love leaf blowers and living next to the woods…just sayin’…now get to that rake!