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Mother’s Day & Power Drills

This year for Mother’s Day, I asked my hubs to give me a new cordless drill…yes I did indeed. I have a corded drill but became spoiled by the cordless drill my hubs brought to our marriage. The batteries no longer took a charge and when I researched buying new batteries, the cost of a new, and more powerful drill, was only about $30 more.

We were having dinner out when the subject of Mother’s Day came up. I told him I knew exactly what I wanted and using the Home Depot app on my phone, I went to their app, found the Dewalt cordless drill I wanted, and sent him the information. Easiest gift to buy ever, right?

Hubs went on his drill buying mission the day before Mother’s Day. He went to Home Depot where the app said they had the drill in stock. They did not. He went to the front desk and asked about the drill. Apparently the app and the store stock were not in sync and it was nowhere to be found at any local Home Depots. Now please know that my hubs does not like going to Home Depot. He refers to it as my “mecca” since I go there all the time and have most of the local ones store layout memorized. He, on the other hand, does not enjoy shopping there.

What is he going to do? Day before Mother’s Day and no drill to be found. He’s such a smart guy! He downloaded the Lowe’s app onto his iPhone and looked up the drill and what store they had it at. They had the exact same one not too far away. He drove to the Lowe’s and got my drill. But it gets even better. Lowe’s advertises that no one will beat their price. Hubs shows the sales clerk the Home Depot app price and BINGO! He gets the drill for the same sale price but at Lowe’s. Awesome job hubs!!!

The funny part to this story, besides the fact that I can envision my hubs walking around TWO home stores, which is just plain funny to begin with, but when he goes to buy my Mother’s Day card after acquiring the drill, the cashier asks him, “so what did you buy your wife for Mother’s Day?” He told her. Oh lawd did he get a talking to about a drill not being the right gift to buy his wife…on and on…he even told them that I ASKED SPECIFICALLY for a new drill and had given him the specs on it. They let him off the hook, but he did get the “oh no you didn’t!” lecture regardless.

That made my new drill the BEST Mother’s Day gift ever – because of the story behind it 🙂