closet redesign
Closet Organizing Systems

Closet Organizer Systems

There are not that many choices when it comes to AFFORDABLE closet organizer systems. I cannot afford California Closets and God bless ’em! I know that they do a fantastic job, however, that would be an over-improvement for my home / neighborhood / house sales price range.

So I settled on wire shelving systems using parts from ClosetMaid. I have installed closet systems in four different homes I have lived in over the last 20 years. When I first used ClosetMaid, the only choice were LOTS of brackets in the walls and supports for each shelf. Its nice that times have changed! A little competition from the Container Store and their hang track system have upped the game.

(Let me add that the Container Store is a great place to gather ideas. I just cannot afford their materials on my budget. Again, thinking of the resale value in the future – I just don’t see the ROI there for justifying double to triple the materials costs vs. ClosetMaid.)

IKEA has jumped on the closet organizer system bandwagon recently. I have yet to go to the IKEA store to check out the system, so when I do, that will have to be another post 🙂

Back to ClosetMaid…here’s the cool thing…there are websites like that sell the CM parts for about half the price of purchasing from HomeDepot or directly from ClosetMaid. If you don’t like the look of the wire shelving, you can now add wood looking trim to the front of the wiring shelves to give it a more finished look. Frankly, I haven’t done that since I like being able to reconfig my closet on a whim — the idea of hacksawing (sp?) wood trim that’s cut to fit, then rearranging, and having to start over is not worth the headache. (If I find that after a few months I am no longer rearranging shelves and such, I may then choose to add the wood looking trim.)

ClosetMaid has also introduced a titanium grayish looking product line. I decided that the price differential was not worth it…again thinking of my buyer market and what would matter to them.

The cost for materials (online purchase plus last minute purchases at Home Depot) has run me about $400 for a 5FT x 5FT walk in closet. Not too shabby! I like the finished design – had an interim “finished” until I was able to finish the installation today. I also painted the inside of the closet and had MAJOR wall repairs that needed to be made.

It took a bit longer than I expected, however, the outcome was worth the delays 🙂

closet redesign

BEFORE: Hubs side of closet

closet redesign

BEFORE: my side of closet

closet redesign

BEFORE: my side of closet

closet redesign

BEFORE: my side of closet upper shelf

closet redesign

BEFORE: hubs side of closet (Esther photo bombed this pic!)

closetmaid hangtracks picture 1

IN PROCESS: Hubs side of closet and back wall with hangtracks and standards in place

closetmaid hang tracks

IN PROCESS: hang tracks and standards on my side of closet and back wall

clothes rack

IN PROCESS: purchased a garment rack to hold our clothes

upper shelving and clothes rack in place

IN PROCESS: upper shelves and closet rods in place

closet organizer system

AFTER: My shoe shelves

closetmaid lower hang

AFTER: Lower hang section of closet organizer system

closetmaid organizer shelves

AFTER: Hubs shoe shelves

finished closet redesign

AFTER: the finished closet