Home Staging, Nutritonal Counseling

New Adventures

The last 10 months have seen many changes in my life: I became a plant-based vegan to better my health and life, I became a grandma (eek!), I moved (again), and started taking ballroom dancing lessons, I started a local Meetup/Facebook group focused on plant-based/vegan lifestyle, got interviewed and featured in the local paper regarding vegan dining options, took over a local ladies social Meetup/Facebook group, began doing volunteer work for a local non-profit, am writing a cookbook, and getting back into Real Estate Home Staging work! Phew! Good thing I changed what I eat because I need all the energy these days. Since I don’t drink caffeinated beverages so the energy has to come naturally :). Stay tuned for more details on my work on Real Estate Home Staging and Nutritional Counseling.