occipital lobe

My stroke of insight

And Happy Two Year Anniversary to me!!!

Two years ago today I had a stroke…hard to believe it but it’s true and it was my moment of insight. The stroke was caused by elevated estrogen levels (undiagnosed) and a recent prescription given containing estrogen. The perfect storm.  Within 6 weeks of starting my prescription, I had a small stroke in the right occipital lobe…the back right side of my head. That’s where the clots split off and one went above my right ear and the other stayed in the back right side, affecting my vision.

Now, in all seriousness, I had no idea I had a stroke. And this stroke was my fork in the road – “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” (Robert Frost).

My decision was simple: do I want to continue living the life I have been living, doing the work I have been doing, OR, do I want to seize this opportunity to change my life, change my career, make any other changes I choose to, and move forward with immense gratitude? Easy!! How many times do we get to experience such a blatant and obvious fork in the road?

It’s taken two years to get to where I am today. I am and have always been fully functional (thank you Lord) since my stroke. The changes I decided to make were to no longer spend time with negative people who also bring negative energy with them, ease out of my Digital Marketing client work, and no longer do contracting work as a Project Manager on system implementation projects. Instead, I have read many books about those who have experienced Near Death Experiences (NDEs as they are called), learned yoga, attended conferences (in person and online) with like-minded people, learned to meditate daily including practicing deep breathing exercises, focused on hanging out with people who bring positive energy with them, and launched a professional organizing business where I can enrich others’ lives and help bring peace into their homes and offices. There is so much more that I am doing to enrich my life, my family’s lives and those around me. The options are endless! And for that I am so very grateful. Heck, this blog was one of my new endeavors too!

In closing, here is a quote from a recent book I read that pretty much sums up the choice we are given every day:

“You are the author of your own emotional experiences. You can choose whatever emotion you want in any situation you are faced with.  Making a conscious choice instead of allowing old subconscious patterns to run you is choosing to evolve and grow.”

Choose to evolve and grow. Live like each day is your last. Carpe Diem!