time off from blogging

How Time Flies When You’re Not Blogging

I decided to take off the month of September after taking an AWESOME vacation to Texas and New Mexico. Got to hang out in Texas with my daughter and her hubs, catch up with some longtime friends, and then after driving across the great state of Texas, got to reconnect with a high school classmate and his wife in New Mexico. I needed a vacation after our vacation just to recover! Best kinds of vacations, right?

Then it was September – my birthday month – and that’s cause for a month-long celebration :).  Took September off from finishing my blog drafts (I have lots of blog posts in draft form waiting for my finishing touches).

Next thing I know, it’s become October and WAIT A MINUTE, there are some household repairs and projects that have to be done BEFORE the cold weather sets in.

Well, since our brains are designed to only process so many tasks at once, mine focused on household tasks. Lots of great info to share via future blog posts on the shenanigans going on around here…just wait.

I was able to continue working with awesome clients, just didn’t blog…nothing personal.

Now I’m looking forward to getting back in the saddle again! My how time flies when I was not blogging!

So stay tuned…watch for more posts…and enjoy the rest of your Fall!



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