How does your brain function

Which side of your brain do you use?

Since it’s Halloween today, let’s talk about our BRAINS! They’re squishy, mushy things which are AMAZING in how they function!

Scientists are continuing to learn more about our brains and how they function, yet there is so much more to learn. One of the characteristics about our brains is that there is a right brain and a left brain — they are joined together — but each part has separate primary functions.

Now I’m not a neuroscience expert, so don’t judge me on this, but I do believe that whether you use the right side of your brain or the left side does affect how organized you are – and how you see organization as a whole.

Someone who is predominantly right brained will see the whole of a room and therefore, if it’s messy and cluttered, due to seeing the “big picture” so to speak, they will become instantly overwhelmed. Whereas a left brained person can see the room in sections and can see how to tackle it one section at a time. This is a very high level summary but you get the idea.

There are websites you can take tests to see which side of your brain you utilize the most ( and are two websites). I took one of these tests and, believe it or not, I ran about 50/50 – not much difference between the right side and left side usage. Hmmm…what does this mean? The beauty of being both left and right brained is that I can tap into my creative side (I grew up taking private painting/art lessons due to an innate ability to paint and draw), plus I can relate to clients who struggle with organization (I might just need that broken window blind to use for a project in the future), yet using my left brain, I realize the necessity for purging (throw out the broken window blind…please!), and I bring a sense of order in working with clients that doesn’t shut them down – because I GET HOW THEIR BRAINS WORK.

Most organizers come up with a plan of action that may not work with someone who is right brained. For example, we’ll proffer up my mom – thanks Mom! She likes to keep her unpaid bills in a place where she can see them – on the counter near her dining room table. She sees the basket everyday which reminds her (she’s visual) that she needs to sit down at the dinner table and pay bills. In my house, it’s a different setup: I have mine in manila file folders for each month (for each month I have two folders – for example, one folder says Nov 1-15, the other folder says Nov 16-30). We pay our bills weekly so we scan through the folders on our designed bill paying day each week to see what is due. Now if I took MY SYSTEM and put it into place for my Mom, since she’s more right brained and needs visual cues, it’s pretty likely that my mom would forget she had bills to pay because they would be in a wall pocket behind her office door…yeah, this won’t work for her. She wouldn’t see them and wouldn’t think about checking her folders. This is why her method works for her and our system works for us.  KEY POINT: Use “systems” that work with what works best for your brain!

We face so many stressors in today’s world. Let’s eliminate one of those stressors and accept our brains as how they currently function. And work with someone (a friend, family member or professional organizer) who understands YOU and helps you establish organization systems that work in YOUR home and with YOUR brain.

roof rake
Home Repairs, Roofing

When is a Rake not a Rake?

When is a rake not a rake? Wait…is this just like “When is a door not a door? When it’s ajar?”…close, definitely close. In focusing on some home projects in the month of October (and neglecting my blogging), I had some basic “prepare for Snowmaggedon” activities to do: one was to have the chimney inspected and cleaned.  Used a local company whose owner I have known since he started his business 30+ years ago.

The chimney inspector/cleaner (are they still called that? what were they called in Mary Poppins? gosh…I will have to look that up — oh! A Chimney SWEEP!) also inspected the SIDES of my roof (I’m in an interior townhouse and NO ONE notices the sides of their roof because they just don’t…especially when they are not visible since it’s on the backside of the house that faces woods and a steep ravine).

Anyhow, Mr. Chimney Sweep comes down and shows me pictures of my roof side” and says, “You need your rakes replaced.” My what??? “Your rakes are in bad shape – you need to contact a roofing company.” Okay. So when did the word “rake” become a part on the side of a roofline? Again, “what??”  Yeah, google that.

Apparently, instead of just calling it “roofline trim” or something that we, the laymen and laywomen of the world, would know what part a roofer is talking about, someone decided the word “rake” was just right. It means “inclination or slope away from the perpendicular or the horizontal” and probably why it became a roofing term?? Who knows…

I’m not falling for it. I will use the term “rake” when needing to conduct legit sounding roofing conversations (“remember the year that the rake rotted and we had to get it replaced before the snow came?” Oh yeah). However a rake will always be to me something that I loathe in the Fall time for the blisters it brings with use…and the many bags of leaves as well…which is why I love leaf blowers and living next to the woods…just sayin’…now get to that rake!

time off from blogging

How Time Flies When You’re Not Blogging

I decided to take off the month of September after taking an AWESOME vacation to Texas and New Mexico. Got to hang out in Texas with my daughter and her hubs, catch up with some longtime friends, and then after driving across the great state of Texas, got to reconnect with a high school classmate and his wife in New Mexico. I needed a vacation after our vacation just to recover! Best kinds of vacations, right?

Then it was September – my birthday month – and that’s cause for a month-long celebration :).  Took September off from finishing my blog drafts (I have lots of blog posts in draft form waiting for my finishing touches).

Next thing I know, it’s become October and WAIT A MINUTE, there are some household repairs and projects that have to be done BEFORE the cold weather sets in.

Well, since our brains are designed to only process so many tasks at once, mine focused on household tasks. Lots of great info to share via future blog posts on the shenanigans going on around here…just wait.

I was able to continue working with awesome clients, just didn’t blog…nothing personal.

Now I’m looking forward to getting back in the saddle again! My how time flies when I was not blogging!

So stay tuned…watch for more posts…and enjoy the rest of your Fall!